Building Better Nonprofits

Morris and Company provides bookkeeping and financial management services to a wide range of nonprofit organizations. Jonathan Morris has over 15 years of experience in nonprofit accounting and has a deep understanding of the specialized needs of nonprofits. From grassroots arts organizations up to large international NGO’s, we know how to run your finance department efficiently, accurately, and dependably.

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Morris and Company

Outsource Your Accounting Department

For many small and medium-sized nonprofits, in-house finance operations are not the most efficient, or effective strategy. Let us manage your controller functions and keep your staff focused on your mission.

What our clients are saying

“Jonathan and his team have been keeping our books accurate and up-to-date for over 7 years. We’ve grown significantly in that time, and they have been able to scale up right along with us. Each year, the needs of our organization become more intensive; Morris and Company has been an invaluable partner in ensuring that our financial management systems have kept pace by providing us with best practices through a thoughtful, collaborative approach.

Keeping our staff resources focused on the mission, and delegating financial operations to Morris and Company has proven to be an efficient and amazingly cost-effective arrangement. Jonathan and his team are responsive, clear, and forward-thinking. They bring a problem-solving attitude to any challenge and consistently operate with the highest integrity.

Our auditors and Board of Directors have always been impressed. It’s easy to forget how much work they’re doing for us when the gears turn so effortlessly. Our finances run like clockwork. Morris and Company is a valuable and trusted partner. I enthusiastically recommend their services to those looking for high-quality, reliable, and sophisticated financial operation support.”

–  Zachary Clark, Executive Director, 826DC

“We were pleased to bring Jonathan onto our team nearly a decade ago. Our organization has grown tremendously since then, and Morris and Company has grown right along with us. As our financial operations grew more complex, they provided all the resources we needed, in a very cost effective structure. We haven’t needed to recruit, manage, or retain any finance staff – Morris and Company has all the bases covered from the basic bookkeeping right up to financial statement preparation, multi-year grant management, and interfacing with auditors and our board’s finance committee. We’re able to keep our staff resources focused on the mission, and we can trust Morris and Company to keep the finances clean, accurate, and timely. Morris and Company has steadily improved our operating procedures and brought us new technology tools allowing us to run a very efficient, and paperless back office. Jonathan, and his team, have proven to be an incredibly valuable and trusted partner.”

Catherine Nagel, Executive Director, City Parks Alliance

I have loved working with Morris and Company. Jonathan and his team came in, cleaned up our books in short order, and helped us transition to more efficient and modern systems. It was a big job, but now our financial reports align properly with our budget, we have freed up staff time to focus on our mission, and our audit could not have gone more smoothly.

How can we help you?

Drop us a line via the form below, or schedule a meeting with Jonathan via this link. We look forward to speaking with you.